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How to use interactive content for lead generation

ByRavii Suri

Mar 20, 2024 #interactive
Interactive Content

Pay-per-click along with interactive and engaging content can be powerful allies. Your company could earn greater Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and increase income through better experiences through your advertising campaigns.

Many companies are trading their regular static landing pages for extraordinary interactive experiences that interact with visitors on an entirely new level.

We will also examine ways to improve the effectiveness of Facebook ads, LinkedIn Advertisements, Google ads, and native advertising. The aligning of your advertising efforts with interactive content and your sales team’s ability to gather first-party data and create an approach that is more specific during negotiations.

What Is Interactive Content

Interactive content is material that encourages participation from the user by offering various paths users can choose to follow on their preferences or needs.

With this number of online content sources The more engaging and intriguing your content, the greater interactions and conversions you’ll get.

Have you ever attempted to take a test online or stumbled across an attractive website full of buttons and places to write information? These are two instances of content that is interactive.

There’s more to it. Certain kinds of interactive content include:

  • Quizzes
  • Calculators
  • Animated eBooks
  • Infographics
  • Clickable White Papers
  • Questionnaires
  • Polls
  • Resource Libraries
  • Videos
  • Maps
  • Interactive Landing Pages

Interactive content can help you gain more input from your audience since it gathers vital data from consumers during content consumption and is an added benefit to your content team and the sales staff.

What’s the Buyer’s Journey and Important to Content?

The buyer’s experience refers to the steps that your interactions and the experiences that potential customers have before the purchase of your product or service.

The buyer’s journey describes the route that leads potential customers to purchase.

These steps comprise:

  • Awareness: The potential customer knows about their issue and requires solutions. For example, if you’re an enterprise that sells software for inventory control You can write content such as “Tips on how to organize your company’s inventory”.
  • Consideration: The potential customer is looking for ways to solve their issue. For instance, a store’s owner discovers an issue with inventory control and requires solutions. They search for content such as “How to calculate the ideal stock for your company”.
  • The decision: The client has enough knowledge to make an educated decision. For instance, a manager determines they require software to monitor inventory and begin looking for solutions. They begin comparing different the various products. This is the best time to give them reviews and even the opportunity to test your product.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you’ve created content for each user throughout the journey.

If you are looking to purchase an entirely new program for instance, for example, you shouldn’t only know the price. You’d like to understand the benefits, read reviews, or even compare it to other options.

The person at the awareness stage isn’t yet ready to use a price calculator or a prospect at the decision stage won’t need reports on general trends in the market.

The Importance of Context in Deliver Persona Needs

Incorporating interactive content into your PPC strategy is an ideal match. Unlike other advert platforms, PPC is a great way to advertise your services and products.

If you can increase the interest in your advertisements and also entertain your potential customers while doing it you will have a greater chance of achieving success.

However, marketers must employ best practices to improve advertisements when using interactive content. If the content is obtrusive, or placed in the wrong spot it’s still a risk to miss out on potential clicks.

Native advertising is an excellent example of an experience that doesn’t distract or upset your audience. It is possible to publish it on specific websites that use certain platforms that allow native ads to be posted on big portals, like Taboola as well as Outbrain. By using native posts that appear on social media feeds marketers can create ads that look like a normal user’s post.

Alongside matching the tone and style of the content, native ads don’t offer a sales pitch for your product or service instead, they offer a chance to boost brand recognition impressions, impressions, and site traffic, while also collecting information from users.

Examples of native advertisements include useful articles or lists that were sponsored by you or your business and feed-feed content. You can also include suggestions for content.

However, the use of interactive content like quizzes, calculators, or tests lets you capture first-party information quickly.

Imagine you’re reading an article on how to establish your goals for your lead, and you may find yourself clicking the content related to “Lead Generation Goal Calculator”?

Expand Your Save Money and Content Reach

Not only does interactive content possess the ability to convey the appropriate message to your customers but is also a way to increase an increased chance of being shared and viewed via social platforms. It aids you, particularly during the awareness and consideration stages.

When you design how you structure your PPC campaign, it is important to divide the ads based on your target audience. Additionally, you can use lookalikes as well as marketing remarketing to target people who previously visited your website. You and a lot of your competitors indeed use similar tactics.

The public is swayed by a myriad of advertisements and messages daily. Through calculators and quizzes, they are even more enthused.

If people appreciate the content and its usefulness, they will be more inclined to recommend it to others to aid their fellow readers. As more people share it the reach of your content grows without needing to spend more.

For instance, this campaign from the maker of tequila Patron was developed to celebrate International Margarita Day. On Twitter, they promoted margarita recipes and urged the public to cast their votes. The result was that people liked, shared, commented, and reacted to the brand.

Configuring your advertisements to make the most value from Interactive Content

The process begins with identifying the buyer’s journey. Here are ten benefits of partnering with a PPC service management expert:

  • The awareness phase Let prospects know their challenges. You can segment your ads according to your persona, or the buyer’s equivalents on LinkedIn or Facebook Ads. In this stage, interactive content can make the experience of knowing about your brand more real.
  • Phase of consideration: Remarketing helps you to re-engage people who had first encountered your brand. Introduce them to your products and solutions. Interactive experiences assist your prospects to find the solution that is best suited to their issues. You receive leads.
  • The decision phase of Marketing via remarketing could be an effective strategy in this case. It is, generally contacts for the prospective customer. You can filter Facebook or LinkedIn to display ads only for those who have viewed important websites or content you’ve sent via email, for instance.

Get Your Use Interact Right Off The Bat With Facebook Ads

Affirming that your landing page aligns with your brand’s creatives is crucial in establishing your advertisements. That’s how you create conversion campaigns for Facebook and Instagram that will engage your followers instantly and seamlessly take users to your online content.

Carousel Advertisements

Carousel advertisements can be utilized to present interactive experiences. A CTA on the last card could direct users to keep enjoying the experience. Make “Conversions” as your campaign purpose, so you can monitor the outcomes and tweak your ads in the future.

The introduction of your page’s content using the use of a carousel could provide your visitors with an idea of what to expect from your site – and increase the number of clicks.

Poll Advertisements

Poll ads can stimulate users’ interaction, allowing them to continue your experience with content. Utilize “Conversions” as your campaign purpose.

You will guide your potential customers to the experience after they have completed the question. You can then apply the benefits that are your Endowed Progress theory which says that people are more likely to keep working towards goals they’ve already begun to act towards.

LinkedIn & Interactive Content: for lead Generation

LinkedIn feed advertisements are identical to Facebook feed advertising, which means the content promotion strategies that are interactive that LinkedIn feed ads use will follow the same method.

The biggest difference with LinkedIn is the capacity to utilize the concept of conversational advertisements. It’s possible to put an offer directly to your potential customers’ inboxes. This is especially beneficial for B2B companies and you want to provide more value rather than volume.

To reach our audience, we built an individual audience on LinkedIn that was looking for managers in marketing which is a targeted function that is a LinkedIn distinctive feature. We then promoted ads that linked to our interactive website.

It’s difficult for our target audience to ignore this advertisement. We send precisely what they are looking for and directly into their email inboxes. The user then informs us of his concerns through the ABM strategy. We then provide him with a customized plan based on the responses we send leads.

By using URL Parameters, you can customize your Interactive Experience

Another method of combining PPC as well as interactive material is by adjusting what users see based on the information you have about your users. By using the program, you can modify the site to display different content to different visitors according to area, searched-for terms, and other variables.

This means that you can design the best PPC agency that targets users from an area and present an individual landing experience based on the state they’re using, for instance.

If you are using Google Ads, adapt your headlines to match the search terms used by Google. To do this, you can utilize URL parameters using ValueTrack Parameters.

Interactive Content and Conversion Rate Optimization

Increasing the number of clicks for your ads is one thing, but converting them to the landing pages you have created is an additional one. Achieving Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an ongoing process. Your work never ends and you continue to increase it by analyzing information.

A reliable interactive content platform gives you the capability to conduct A/B tests. This means you can determine the most efficient variant of the content that improves various variables, including buttons, text as well as images.

Real-World Examples of CRO

To increase the effectiveness of your advertising it is essential to boost the rate of conversion on your page. The greater the percentage of people who complete an action you want them to take on your page success.

If you have an interactive landing page that is well-designed and constructed it is possible to tag every visitor’s behavior like buttons clicked, pages visited, quizzes or forms completed, etc.

The data you collect can aid you in creating remarketing campaigns, and with the power of insights to increase your conversion rate.


Here are a few examples of companies that have used Ion that were successful. Due to the nature of the information we collect, we’ve signed confidentiality agreements (NDA) and are unable to disclose which names are associated with the Ion brands.

A business wanted to cut down its cost-per-lead for PPC campaigns as well as increase its conversion rates. They were able to save more than US $100,000 annually and boost their return on investment by 291%.

This was done by creating 330 highly-targeted landing pages to promote their ads and then using A/B tests to evaluate the effectiveness of different copy and visual elements on each page.

A huge quantity of landing pages was not the only option, however.

Another client with the same issue only designed four landing pages for their campaign However, they conducted A/B testing to determine if a single site or one with a complicated conversion route would be better. The conversion rate was increased by 280%.

Another customer also noticed a 22% increase in the Google Ads scores. We concentrated on mobile-specific AdWord campaigns as well as landing pages. The conversion rate grew by 40 percent, and the cost per conversion decreased by 51 percent.

Keep delivering value with Your Advertisements

Marketing is about providing more value to your customers and customers through helping them resolve issues.

It’s possible to do this with interactive content. This provides your prospects and leads with more engaging content that addresses the specific issues they have at every stage of the journey of a buyer.

Combining interactive content and advertising campaigns, you can have the most beneficial of both, with interactive content that has more than enough potential to attract your customers and increase sale rates as well as conversions.

If you’re interested in staying in the loop of all PPC trends over the coming year, we strongly suggest downloading the free Search Engine Journal ebook PPC Trends 2024.

Transform your content into engaging experiences! With ION it’s not just creating content, you’re creating interactive experiences. Enhance your engagement, gather important data, and increase conversions. Are you ready to transform your content marketing? Get into the realm of possibilities for interactive content by partnering with ION today!

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