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Unveiling the Untapped Potential of the Keller Williams Profit Share System

ByJonh Albert

Aug 30, 2023
Keller Williams Profit Share System

In the ever-competitive real estate industry, brokerages are continuously seeking inventive ways to recruit top talent and incentivize agent performance. One such innovative method is Keller Williams’ Profit Share System, a unique program that goes beyond the traditional commission-based models. As a broker, understanding the intricacies of this system can offer valuable insights into enhancing your recruitment and retention strategies.

The Cornerstones of the Keller Williams Profit Share System

At its core, the Keller Williams Profit share system is designed to reward agents who contribute to a market center’s growth by attracting productive associates to the office. But how exactly does it work?

  1. Shared Profits: The system allocates a portion of the market center’s monthly profits back to the agents who helped the brokerage grow.
  2. Long-term Benefits: Unlike short-term incentives, this model focuses on creating a sustainable growth environment for both the agents and the brokerage.
  3. Win-Win Scenarios: The profit share system promotes teamwork and a community mindset, making it beneficial for everyone involved.

How Brokerkit Complements the Profit Share System

Leveraging a specialized CRM platform like Brokerkit can amplify the benefits of a profit share system. With features like automated outreach, onboarding, and retention programs, you can keep your agents engaged and motivated, further enhancing your brokerage’s profitability.

Recruitment Strategies for Maximizing Profit Share

  1. Target the Right Agents: Utilizing Brokerkit’s CRM capabilities, you can segment your outreach to target agents who are likely to be profitable additions to your brokerage.
  2. Offer Valuable Content: Education is key to making the most of the Keller Williams Profit Share System. Offering agents content that helps them understand the system can also help you improve your recruitment efforts.
  3. Monitor and Adapt: Keep an eye on key performance metrics to continually adapt and improve your strategies. Brokerkit’s analytics can provide insights into areas where you can refine your approach for better results.

Case Study: Amplifying Agent Retention

An effective Profit Share System can be a game-changer when it comes to agent retention. One brokerage observed a 15% increase in agent retention rates within the first six months of implementing the system. The difference? A concerted effort to educate their agents on the benefits of the system, coupled with automated follow-ups through Brokerkit, making sure agents were always in the loop.


The Keller Williams Profit share system is more than just a unique incentive; it’s a paradigm shift in how a brokerage can grow and sustain its business. Incorporating modern recruitment technologies like Brokerkit can significantly boost your ability to attract and retain top agents. As you adapt and implement this system into your recruitment and retention strategies, you’re not only investing in your agents but also laying a foundation for sustainable, long-term growth.

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