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Madewell’s Design Chief Curates an Earthy, Textured Brooklyn Home

ByJonh Albert

Oct 8, 2022
Madewell's Design Chief Curates an Earthy, Textured Brooklyn Home

Textured fabrics and rich colors characterize the home of Madewell’s head of design, Katie Farrell. The modern designer, who has been with the successful retailer since 2013, loves to play with textures both in her home and at work, as evidenced by the brand’s most recent collaboration with denim stalwart Levi’s. Here, she shares her vibrant Brooklyn apartment and how it reflects her personal style and influences from both coasts.

About Madewell

Madewell is a clothing brand owned by J.Crew, and its designs are known for their simple, classic style. Madewell’s head of design, Somsack Sikhounmuong, has brought that same aesthetic to his own home in Brooklyn. The apartment is filled with natural light and textured materials like wood and stone, which give it a warm and inviting feel. And the best part? It’s just as easy on the eyes as it is on your wallet!

About Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is the head of design at Madewell, and she has a beautiful home in Brooklyn that reflects her unique style. The space is filled with textured pieces and earthy tones, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Henderson has said that her goal was to create a livable and layered home, and she definitely achieved that! It’s clear from her Instagram account that her daughter often visits—she even has a drawer just for toys! Her kitchen looks like it would be perfect for cooking up healthy meals too. And while it’s not unusual for furniture to move around this time of year, we love how cohesive the living room feels with everything rearranged—it really showcases how easy it can be to transform your space with small tweaks.

The Living Room

When you first step into Jordan nichols’ home, you’re hit with a sense of warm sophistication. The living room is bathed in cool white light, and natural materials like wood and stone dominate the space. The result is an inviting and calming environment that feels more like a retreat than an urban apartment.

The Dining Room

Designer Nina Garcia has a passion for mixing textures and prints, which is evident in her home. The dining room table is layered with a vintage Turkish rug, mismatched chairs, and a bold geometric wallpaper. I like to mix high and low, old and new, Garcia says. It makes the space more interesting. She sources most of her furniture from antique stores and local flea markets.

The Bedroom

Madewell’s head of design, Somsack Sikhounmuong, approaches his own home with the same understated, effortless cool that informs the Madewell aesthetic. His Brooklyn apartment is no exception — it’s layered with vintage finds and natural materials that give it a lived-in feel. The bedroom is particularly cozy, with its earthy palette and textured fabrics. Sikhounmuong has achieved a balance of masculine and feminine elements in the space, which perfectly reflects Madewell’s aesthetic.

The Bathroom

There’s something calming about being surrounded by earthy tones and natural textures, which is probably why Madewell’s head of design, Julie Hoeg, decided to make her Brooklyn apartment a haven of tranquility. The bathroom, in particular, is a study in serenity with its pale green walls, antique clawfoot tub and crisp white linen towels. But it’s the unexpected details that really make this space special — like the black-and-white hexagonal floor tiles and the vintage brass sink fixtures.

The Guest Bedroom

As the head of design for Madewell, Jenna Lyons has a well-trained eye for detail. So it comes as no surprise that her own home is just as stylish as the clothing her company produces. The guest bedroom in her Brooklyn apartment is a perfect example of her talent for mixing textures and patterns. The rough-hewn wood bed frame is complemented by a soft quilt and patterned pillows.

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