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What Tattoo Machine Is Good for Beginners

ByRavii Suri

Aug 28, 2023
Tattoo Machine

If you are starting a career in tattooing, then you must want to figure out which tattoo machine is the best for you. A nice machine doesn’t come cheap. On the markets, the price can vary from 20 buckets to 1000 buckets. The oldest machine is called coil tattoo machine, then rotary machine, and now a modern pen-style machine is obviously occupied most tattoo artists’ minds. A new wireless tattoo pen will cost more than 1000 buckets. So, which kind of machine will you buy and what price could you accept?

Why tattoo pens can occupy our minds? 

1. What is a coil tattoo machine?

As a traditional tattoo tool, coil tattoo machines have a history of 131 years. “ Samuel F. O’Reilly invented the first electric machine for tattooing in New York City and patented December 8, 1891 (US Patent 464, 801). Adapted from Thomas Edison’s 1876 rotary operated stencil pen (US Patent 180,857), this machine revolutionized the trade of tattooing, bringing it into a more modern age.” Coil tattoo machines can come with single coils, double coils, and even triple coils. A standard machine for most tattoo artists is a double coil machine.

2. What is a rotary tattoo machine? 

Another type of machine is a rotary motor tattoo machine. Its shape is totally different from a coil tattoo gun. A rotary tattoo gun makes needles move by an electric motor. In nearly 10 years, a more modern type of rotary tattoo machine occurred, called a tattoo pen. A tattoo pen also uses an electric motor to drive needles, but a tattoo pen can only match with needle cartridges.

How to choose a tattoo machine for a beginner?

Even though it’s recommended to choose a tattoo pen when starting a tattoo career, there is a variety of tattoo companies and brands, some beginners still feel confused when making a choice. Here are some tips for beginners.

  1. Price plays the most important role in making decisions. No one would like to spend more than $400 on his/her first tattoo machine. A tattoo pen around 100 buckets is just fine.
  2. Convenience is another factor when choosing tattoo machines. Choosing a tattoo machine that can be adjusted (changing the needle and needle depth) easier and a machine that feels comfortable in hand.
  3. The noise and balance are also some of the keys when buying tattoo machines. It takes a long time to finish a tattoo and the lower noise and vibration, the more attention you can pay to your tattoo work.
  4. Reliability refers to the quality of the tattoo machine. You had better choose a tattoo pen that comes with a qualified motor, such as a coreless motor or Marlboro motor. A coreless motor tattoo pen can work consistently, so the less chance that you interrupt a tattoo.

Out of consideration of healthy, tattoo pens do less harm to your wrist and ears. In fact, no matter what tattoo machine you buy, the most important is to continuously practice tattoo skills day after day. Anyway, what makes a good tattoo is a skilled tattoo artist.

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