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When to Replace Your Commercial Garage Door Instead of Repairing It

ByJonh Albert

Mar 23, 2023
Commercial Garage Door

If you’re a commercial property owner or manager, you’ve seen the value a well-maintained garage door can add to your building. It can enhance your curb appeal, improve energy efficiency, and increase your property’s value.

However, sometimes a commercial door needs to be replaced instead of repaired. If you need help determining when to switch, consider these signs that your garage door may need replacing.

Damaged Panels

Call a professional if you have noticed a crack in your garage door panel. Damaged panels can harm a home’s safety and deteriorate other door system parts, including springs, cables, and bearings.

Moreover, broken garage door panels can also cause misaligned tracks that affect how the door opens and closes. This can seriously damage the garage door system and increase your risk of break-ins.

Ultimately, you’ll need to decide whether your commercial garage door requires repair or replacement. The decision will depend on various factors, including the type of damage, the age and condition of your door, and your budget.

Broken Springs

The springs on your commercial garage door are designed to last long. However, regular use causes them to break down over time and needs to be replaced.

This is why checking them at least once a month is essential. An excellent way to do this is by lifting the door halfway and letting it fall back down. Visit https://ohdpugetsound.com/garage-door-repair/ to get professional advice on garage door repairs.

Once you know the springs are broken, contact a professional to replace them. They’ll provide expert service and help you make sure your door stays safe and secure.

A common sign you need to replace the springs is if your door won’t open. A broken garage door spring isn’t something you can DIY; it can be dangerous.

Uneven Weight Distribution

If your commercial garage door appears slanted when it opens or closes, it may need to be balanced. This is a visual representation of the more significant internal struggle happening inside your garage door’s system.

In a balanced garage door, the tension of the springs evenly distributes weight across the garage door’s tracks. This makes it easy for the opener to lift and reposition the door.

But when your garage door is out of balance, it can cause a lot of stress on the opener. It could also cause a broken cable or spring.

Disconnecting it from the opener is the best way to check if your commercial garage door is out of balance. Run the door up and down many times, then look at how it sits on the track. If it looks uneven, your opener may be working harder than it needs to be, and you may consider replacing your door instead of fixing it.

Leaky Seals

When your garage door has leaky seals, this can be a sign that you need to replace it instead of performing garage door repair by yourself. These leaks can cause water to come in and out of your garage and lead to pest problems.

The weather seal on your garage door is designed to keep moisture and cold air from entering the gaps around the garage. This keeps your energy costs down and helps you save on your heating and cooling bills.

It also helps to keep insects, critters and leaves out of your garage. If your seal is worn out, it will work less effectively.

When your commercial garage door has leaky seals, you should consider replacing them. These leaks can be caused by various things, including general wear and tear or changes to the driveway’s construction.

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