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5 Ways to Make a Home Office When You Have No Room

ByJonh Albert

Oct 7, 2022 #Home office
5 Ways to Make a Home Office When You Have No Room

When you’re starting out as an entrepreneur, you may find yourself doing most of your work from home due to cost or convenience reasons. The downside to this is that you may have no room for a home office, which can make it difficult to work effectively and productively. So how do you make it work when you have no room? Here are five ideas that will help you create the optimal space for your home office, even if it’s confined to a corner of your living room or kitchen table.

1) Use wall space

  1. Use wall space by mounting a floating desk on the wall. This will free up floor space and make it easy to tuck away when not in use.
  2. If you have an unused closet, consider converting it into a mini home office. Just add a desk, chair, and some shelving and you’re good to go. Another option is to paint the inside of your closet with chalkboard paint so that it can be used as a whiteboard or bulletin board. Plus, if you’re planning on selling your house, this type of hidden room could be a huge selling point!

2) Get crafty with DIY ideas

There are plenty of ways to get creative with a home office, even when space is limited. Here are five ideas to get you started – Use your desk as a workspace and leave the rest of the room for storage

  • Convert your closet into an office
  • Get some inspiration from this cute and functional headboard-turned-office idea
  • Create an in basket on your bedside table or coffee table so you have easy access to incoming paperwork and other items
  • Buy an inexpensive bookcase from Ikea and use it as a makeshift desk

3) Opt for limited materials office desks

If you don’t have room for a dedicated home office, consider setting up a workspace using only the materials you need. A simple desk and chair are all you really need, and you can even get creative with where you put them. Here are five ideas to get you started – Share space with your living area: Use one end of your couch as a makeshift desk or set up two desks in opposite corners of your living room.

– Convert an unused storage area: Turn the back corner of your basement into an office by building out some shelves or creating cubbies out of boxes and plywood.

4) Go small with furniture

One way to make a home office when you have no room is to go small with your furniture. A mini desk and chair can be just as effective as a full-sized set, and take up far less space. Another option is to use a folding screen to create a temporary office space that can be put away when you’re done working. Add an organizational system to help keep everything in order on the desk surface or on shelves. And don’t forget about the tech! Get everything out of sight by mounting a flat screen monitor on the wall so it looks like it’s floating in midair.

5) Pick up new work habits

If you’re working from home but don’t have a dedicated space for an office, it can be tough to stay focused and motivated. But there are a few things you can do to make it work. Pick up new work habits that’ll help keep you on track when distractions arise. Try setting a timer every 45 minutes and taking 10-minute breaks every 90 minutes, or use the Pomodoro technique by using the countdown timer on your phone as well as your computer so that when it goes off, you take five minutes to refresh yourself before continuing with your work session. And if all else fails? Go outside!

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