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Before & After: This Suburban Tract Home’s DIY Renovation Is Absolutely Stunning (and Unrecognizable)

ByJonh Albert

Oct 7, 2022
Suburban Tract Home's DIY Renovation

If you’re looking to make an enormous impression with very little money and even less time, look no further than this transformation of a suburban tract home in Ohio. From outdated to utterly gorgeous, this property makes it easy to see why homeowners are going DIY-crazy with renovations these days. By tackling their own remodeling project, this couple was able to bring life back into the heart of their living space and save thousands of dollars in the process – a win-win situation if we’ve ever seen one!

Kitchen Overhaul

This suburban tract home went through an amazing transformation with a little help from some hardworking homeowners. They gutted the kitchen, taking it down to the studs, and completely overhauled the space. The results are absolutely stunning – and unrecognizable from the before photos. New cabinets, countertops, appliances, and fixtures give this kitchen a whole new look and feel. Plus, the homeowners added some personal touches that make it truly their own. From artistic details like colorful tiles on the floor and a unique glass mosaic backsplash to clever storage solutions for groceries, this kitchen is both functional and beautiful. What do you think of this dramatic change?

New Flooring

Installing new flooring is a great way to transform the look of your home, and it can be a relatively easy and affordable do-it-yourself project. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing new flooring for your home If you plan on installing laminate wood flooring, make sure that you purchase boards that will match the height of your existing floors.

If you want to install carpet over hardwood floors, then you will need to remove or replace the existing carpet before laying down fresh carpet. It is also important to note that padding should not be used with any type of carpet as this could lead to mold growth over time.

The Front Porch and Entryway

This home’s renovation began with the front porch and entryway. The old, outdated porch was torn down and replaced with a new, more modern one. The entryway was also updated, with new doors and windows installed. The house has now been painted in soft tones of blue and green to bring in light. An outdoor living area is set up on the back patio that includes a fire pit, outdoor seating and plants for decoration.

The Living Room and Dining Room

The homeowners of this suburban tract home took on a huge renovation project, and the results are absolutely stunning. The living room and dining room are unrecognizable from their before photos. The walls were opened up to create an open concept floor plan, and new flooring and paint throughout brighten up the space. The furniture was also updated to give the space a more modern look. The homeowners did an amazing job with this transformation! They used a high-end porcelain tile for the flooring in each room and added stylish black leather sofas to anchor the spaces. They created built-in shelving in the living room as well as adding custom features like TV cabinets and beautiful chandeliers. Even though they worked on everything but their kitchen, it looks like they found time to whip up some tasty looking pies for dessert!

The Mudroom, Laundry Room, and Master Bedroom

When they bought the home, the family knew that they wanted to put their own stamp on it. So, they set to work right away, starting with the mudroom. They painted the walls a cheery yellow and added some new shelving for storage. Then, they moved on to the laundry room. They installed new cabinets and a countertop so that folding clothes would be a breeze. Lastly, they tackled the master bedroom. The husband built an all-new bed frame while his wife finished up painting the walls a tranquil blue. Next, she laid down flooring in her favorite shade of light green and hung up her favorite framed art.

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