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Gap’s New Home Decor Brand Is Classic and Cool

ByJonh Albert

Oct 7, 2022 #Gap
Gap's New Home Decor Brand Is Classic and Cool

If you’re as surprised as we are that Gap, the place where you pick up your khakis and sweaters, just unveiled its new line of home decor items today, you’re not alone.

The History

Gap has been a retail powerhouse since it was founded in 1969. The brand is known for its classic, American style. Now, Gap is getting into the home decor business with a new brand called Hill House Home. The brand will offer bedding, bath products, and home accessories. Some of the items are a part of their collaboration with architect Charles Gwathmey. You can expect to see bookshelves, coffee tables, dining chairs, and even bar carts that are perfect for hosting parties at your house.

 New Designs in Shoes

Athletic shoes have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with everyone from high fashion designers to casual wearers jumping on the trend. But it seems like the tables may be turning. Gap has just announced their new home decor brand, and it’s as classic as you’d expect. With everything from throw pillows to lamp shades and even wallpaper, this collection of elegant designs is perfect for any space that needs a touch of sophistication. Whether you’re searching for pieces for your bedroom or hallway, this collection is sure to have something that will fit your tastes!

The Pricing

The prices for the home decor line range from $7-$30. The line includes items such as dish towels, vases, and throws. Overall, the prices are very reasonable and in-line with what you would expect from Gap. There are a few stand-out pieces that are slightly more expensive, but overall the collection is very affordable. One of my favorite pieces is this pillow cover for only $28 which is so chic and easy to throw on your couch or bed. I also love these napkins (you can get them at Target) that are under $5 each!

 Interior Design on the Way?

Move over, Anthropologie—there’s a new home decor brand in town, and it’s just as chic (and affordable). Gap Inc. recently announced plans to launch a home decor line, Gap Home, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the trendy yet classic pieces. We don’t know about you, but when we think of Gap, the first thing that comes to mind is a ton of adorable clothes for adults and kids alike at an affordable price point. And now they’re taking that winning formula into their next venture: interior design! The pieces will be modern with subtle nods to classic Mid-Century styles like bamboo plants and slate gray sofas that are meant for living rooms or bedrooms. In other words, this home decor line will work well in any space and look cool no matter what your personal style is. You’ll also find plenty of colorful patterns and geometric designs mixed in with a few botanical elements thrown in there for good measure. Now all we need to do is hope that these stylish items won’t break the bank when they hit stores this fall because shopping without breaking the bank sounds like an excellent way to spend time!

What Does This Mean for Customers?

Gap’s new home decor brand is called Living at Gap, and it features classic, cool pieces that are perfect for any home. The line includes furniture, rugs, art, and more, all of which are available online and in select stores. This is great news for customers who have been wanting more from Gap than just clothing. With this new line, they can now shop for everything they need to complete their homes in one place. Plus, the interior design team will give advice on how to make your space feel like a true reflection of you. There’s no doubt that many people will be happy with this announcement—especially those who’ve wanted more from Gap than just clothes!

A Successful Brand Extension

Adding a home decor line is a logical extension for the Gap brand. The company is already known for classic, cool style at an accessible price point. Plus, home decor is a growing market. By expanding into this category, Gap can reach new customers and tap into new revenue streams. Who knows? Maybe it will do as well as its other brands.

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