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Lil Jon to Star in New HGTV Show with Unconventional Home Renovations

Lil Jon to Star in New HGTV Show with Unconventional Home Renovations

Known best as the mastermind behind hit tracks like Yeah!, Get Low, and Turn Down For What, Lil Jon’s reputation as an artist has spilled over into other areas of the entertainment industry, including television, movies, and now home improvement. HGTV has announced that they are working with Lil Jon on a new show called Unconventional Renovations, which will feature the artist and his team taking on homeowners who want to add an unconventional flair to their home renovations but aren’t sure how to accomplish it themselves.

The rapper will help turn around dilapidated homes

Rapper and music producer Lil Jon is teaming up with HGTV for a new home renovation show. The show, which is currently untitled, will follow Lil Jon and a team of experts as they help turn around dilapidated homes. Lil Jon’s company is no stranger to extreme renovations: the company recently completed the renovations on the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas and six residences at Atlanta’s 1611 West Peachtree Street mixed-use building. Lil Jon’s company has partnered with local charities in order to make these projects more affordable for residents. The project is the latest from ATL Collective, who specializes in creating experiential communities through revitalizing distressed properties.

Additionally, he’ll continue his popular renovation series on the network

HGTV has announced that Lil Jon will be starring in a new show called Renovation Island. The show will follow Lil Jon and his team of experts as they renovate homes in unconventional ways. Additionally, he’ll continue his popular renovation series on the network. This is sure to be a must-watch for fans of home improvement shows! The show will premiere next year, so we won’t have to wait long before we can see some quirky projects.

It looks like 2018 is going to be an interesting year for all things home renovation-related…

We’re excited to see what’s coming up next!

Not only does Lil Jon love decorating and designing homes but also he’s good at it

Who would have thought that the famous rapper, Lil Jon, would be interested in starring in a home renovation show? I certainly didn’t see it coming. But it turns out that not only does he love decorating and designing homes, but he’s actually really good at it. In the show, which is set to air later this year, Lil Jon and his team will take on a variety of unconventional home renovation projects. One episode will feature a 700-square-foot studio apartment that was built from an old convenience store. Another project will involve turning a horse stable into an entertainment venue for weddings and private parties. And in one episode, they’ll even turn an old barn into a restaurant!

He’s best known for his 2013 show Lil’ Jon & Friends on the same network

HGTV is known for its conventional home renovation shows, but Lil Jon is set to add a bit of flavor to the network with his new show. The rapper and TV personality will star in and executive produce a yet-to-be-titled series that will showcase his unique take on home renovations. The show will highlight both of my passions—designing spaces and helping people, said Lil’ Jon. We want viewers to see how I make each space my own personal playground. One episode will feature the former pro athlete going deep into his creative process by designing a themed room, which he describes as a throwback to vintage American motels. He has big plans for future episodes as well: I’m excited about doing another episode where we design an indoor park.

His new show will be similar to that one and more extreme

If you loved watching Jonathan and Drew Scott take on home renovations, then you’re in for a treat with Lil Jon’s new show. The rapper is teaming up with HGTV for a new series that will feature even more extreme home makeovers. From gutting entire rooms to creating custom furniture, no renovation will be too unconventional for this show. So whether you’re a fan of Lil Jon or just love a good home renovation show, be sure to tune in when the series premieres.

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