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Paint It Black: How a 1940s Bungalow Uses Bold Color to Create a Dramatic Mood

Paint It Black: How a 1940s Bungalow Uses Bold Color to Create a Dramatic Mood

The blackened interior and exterior of this 1940s bungalow aren’t just due to sloppy upkeep – they’re part of the home’s dramatic style. Located in the Woodside neighborhood of Queens, New York, the house was designed in 1946 by architects Robert Harwood and Theodore Epstein, who were instrumental in shaping midcentury modern architecture on the East Coast. Their design inspiration came from the nearby Van Cortlandt Mansion, which influenced their use of bold color and design details throughout the house, including this painting of the exterior with cinder blocks.

The history of color schemes

Bold colors have been used in architecture and design for centuries. In the 1940s, bungalows were often painted in bright colors to set them apart from the more subdued Victorian-style homes of the time. Today, painting a bungalow in a bold color is a way to create a dramatic mood and add curb appeal. While black is not typically associated with bungalows, this paint color can actually be quite flattering on these homes. The same goes for other dark shades such as navy blue or purple. One downside to using dark colors is that they may require more frequent touch-ups due to dirt and wear over time. Painting your house black also requires an experienced painter who understands how to avoid potential issues like drips and smudges. However, if you’re ready for a fresh new look that will make your home pop, it might be worth the extra care and attention.

What can bold colors do for your home?

Bold colors can have a dramatic effect on your home, both inside and out. They can make a small space feel larger, or a large space feel more intimate. And they can help set the mood for your home, whether you want it to be calm and serene or exciting and energizing. If you’re thinking of painting your home, don’t be afraid to go bold! Here are some tips for how to pick the perfect color for your house.

– Consider what type of atmosphere you want in your home: do you want it to be lively or relaxing? You’ll also need to think about what other decorating elements there are in your home that will work with the color you choose. – Picking paint colors is just like picking any other color – try them on first before committing! Head to your local hardware store, which should have small samples of their most popular colors. Then take the color with you when shopping for furniture, flooring, and artwork so that all of these items work together nicely.

The Science Behind Bold Colors in the Home

Bold colors have a way of making an impact. And while some may shy away from using them in their homes, there’s actually science behind why bold colors can be so effective. The field of psychology called color theory studies how different colors affect mood and behavior. By painting the exterior walls black, the homeowners created a dramatic mood that fits well with the unique architectural style. Paired with more neutral shades on the interior, they were able to balance out the contrast without sacrificing any functionality.

Bold colors are often associated with masculinity and power—that’s why they’re common in corporate offices or sports arenas. But don’t feel like you need to use this strategy if you don’t want a statement piece; choosing a more subtle accent wall will make for just as striking of an effect without overwhelming your space.

13 Amazing Homes with Bold Color Schemes

Bold color schemes are making a comeback in home design. These 13 homes show how to use bold colors to create a dramatic mood. This 1940s bungalow uses bright purple to set a dramatic mood.

Bold orange is used in this loft as the main accent color, creating an energizing feel.

A cozy and serene blue is used throughout this cottage, calming the space down and creating an inviting ambiance. The blue-green scheme provides a pop of color that helps the homeowners stand out from their staid neighbors. Bright blues contrast nicely with warm wood tones for a more dramatic effect. Bright green brings life to this bachelor pad, giving it an energetic vibe that will surely keep you up at night! And finally, here’s one last example of how bold colors can be incorporated into your decorating plan–a sleek black kitchen with pops of turquoise

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